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Are RV Mattresses Comfortable?

RV mattresses differ from regular mattresses in many ways such as size, the materials they are made from, and how they are used. For many people, the important information to know about RV mattresses has nothing to do with their unique qualities but instead has everything to do with whether or not they are comfortable.

The short answer to the question regarding RV mattresses and comfortability is that if a potential RV mattress user invests the time and research into getting an RV mattress that is best suited for the user’s individual preferences, then yes, the RV mattress will be comfortable for that user.

There Is No Such Thing As An “Uncomfortable Mattress”

Since the determination of whether or not a mattress is comfortable is a purely subjective one, a mattress that is, by nature, uncomfortable, does not exist. Everyone, whether they realize it or not, has a unique set of personal standards by which they will judge the comfortability of a mattress.

These standards will be built upon a host of highly individual preferences that are particular to solely the person who owns them. For that reason, finding an RV mattress that you will think is comfortable involves first identifying your unique preferences in a mattress.

Identifying Your Mattress Preferences

When you think about what you love the most when you are snuggled in bed at the end of a long day and just starting to drift off to sleep, what comes to mind? Do you love the way you sink into your super-squishy mattress or do you prefer the stiff support of a mattress with a firm surface?

Do you like the feel of a simple metal bed frame under your mattress or are you crazy about the cozy ambiance of a sturdy wooden sleigh bed frame that encases your mattress with tall, supportive sides?

Do the old familiar squeaks of the ancient springs in your mattress put a smile on your face or do you relish the cooling effect that your technology-infused, temperature-moderating mattress provides?

These are the kinds of questions to be considered when identifying your mattress preferences. A standard reference list of the most common mattress qualities for which people have a preference can be found below.
This list can be used as a guide in navigating the identification of what makes a mattress most comfortable for you.

Softness Or Firmness

The first common quality people tend to identify in a mattress that they think is comfortable is how soft or firm it is. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to whether a mattress is soft or firm or how soft or how firm it is, but the important piece of knowledge to be gleaned here is simply how soft or how firm feels comfortable to you.


The size of your bed is the next preference of importance. For someone who is barely five feet tall and sleeps alone, a twin-size bed might be absolutely perfect. However, for the 6’8” tall bodybuilder who sleeps with their four beloved Great Danes every night, a twin bed would be nothing short of a total nightmare.


The materials your favorite mattress is made from having a significant amount of impact on how the mattress feels to you. The spring frame mattress passed down from your grandma is going to be much firmer and bouncier than the minimalist futon floor mattress you ordered online from Japan. Also, be aware of any materials that may cause irritation or allergies and avoid mattresses containing those products.

Finding Your Comfortable RV Mattress

After you’ve identified the qualities that make a mattress comfortable to you, it is time to begin the process of figuring out what kind of RV mattress will best suit you. There are countless RV mattresses to choose from, so the options available to you should be plentiful.

Softness Or Firmness

If you prefer the firm springiness of a traditional spring mattress with a box frame underneath it, you probably want to look for an RV mattress that is constructed with more than just a simple foam pad. However, if you love your futon couch mattress more than any other bed, you’ll probably sleep quite comfortably on a foam pad RV mattress.


The size of your ideal RV mattress depends not only on how big or small a bed you prefer but also on how much room there is in your RV for a bed. Start by measuring the width, length, and depth (if applicable) of the bed frame or surface where you intend to place your mattress. Many RV beds are highly customized and do not fall into the same size categories as standard mattresses do.


Because RV mattresses generally need to be lighter and more durable than regular mattresses, they are often made with different materials than regular mattresses. If you know your preference is for a structured spring frame mattress, you can start your RV mattress search by finding manufacturers of lightweight spring mattresses that are intended for use in RV’s and campers.

Alternatively, if you know you’ll be comfortable using a simple foam pad mattress and you love DIY projects, you can check your local sewing and crafts store for pieces of foam that would be suitable as a mattress, cut the foam to size, and sew a custom mattress cover yourself using your favorite kind of fabric.

How Do I Make My RV Mattress More Comfortable?

There are many mattress accessory products that can be used to modify the feel of your RV mattress. Some mattress covers can make the surface of the mattress stiffer, while some mattress toppers make the surface of the mattress softer.

How Much Do RV Mattresses Usually Cost?

While there is a very wide range of RV mattress prices depending on exactly what type and quality of mattress you’re looking for, many middle-of-the-road RV mattresses cost between $150 to $500.

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