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Are RV Toilet Seats Universal?

It may be time to replace an RV toilet. Or perhaps it may be time to switch one toilet from an old RV to a new one. Either way, are RV toilet seats universal?

The answer is no. That’s because not all RV toilets are created equal. They come in a few different types, so finding the best one that will be compatible with your RV is key. Now it comes down to what kind of RV toilet that you need in order to replace or install a new one.

The definition we provide for universal is referring to the dimensions of the toilet like the height, weight, and shape. We should also mention that the installation process may differ depending on the type of toilet that you use. To learn more about the specific sizes and types of certain toilets and everything in between, keep reading.

What Types Of RV Toilets Are There?

There are five different types of RV toilets that exist: traditional RV toilets, composting toilets, portable camping toilets, cassette toilets, and bucket toilets. Most RVs will go with the traditional RV toilets.

Regarding these types of toilets, you may notice that they are usually the same size in terms of measurements. Yet, the function will be more of the same. The traditional RV toilets are flushable using a foot pedal that you can hold down or press up.

It flushes as if you were using a regular toilet. However, you can utilize it while it is hooked to a pump or while you are at a campsite and using the water hookups that are available. This kind of RV toilet is made of plastic, but there are porcelain ones that are available (but command a higher price).

Measurements Of An RV Toilet

The RV toilet measurements will depend on the model. For example, a Domestic 320 Series will be 19 ¾ inches in height, 22 inches in length, and 14 ¾ in width. It will weigh roughly 37 points.

The Domestic Series brand has toilets that are available in standard or low-profile sizes. The latter will be shorter in height compared to their standard counterparts. Traditional RV toilets are not all uniform in size. But they will not be any heavier than 39 pounds.

The Installation Process

As for the installation process, the rule is simple — ‘if it fits, it can be installed’. As long as you have plenty of legroom when you are using it, you should be in good shape. If the RV toilets have the same pipes (or water connection) and waste holes as they should, then you will have an easy time installing a toilet.

Before it is installed, you want to make sure of a few things. For example, the water connection will need to be installed simply by unscrewing the water line from one RV toilet and transferred it to another (assuming you are going down this route).

Know Your Bolt Styles

Toilets have different style bolts. They are 4-bolt style RV toilets, straight 2-bolt style, and angled 2-bolt style. If you are replacing a toilet, it is important to make sure what bolt type it has so it is compatible with your RV. Not all RVs can fit a toilet regardless of the bolt type it has.

In other words, if it only accepts straight 2-bolt style RV toilets, it won’t make sense to install one that is a 4-bolt style. One last thing, be sure that your RV’s waste hole is at least 3 inches or greater in diameter. Most RV toilets will be able to fit waste holes of that size.

Final Thoughts

RV toilets are obviously not universal. It comes down to the type of RV toilets that you can find. A standard RV toilet also has different types of bolts that are compatible with the RV you use. So it is important to know what kind of bolts it has.

From there, installing it should be a breeze since it has the same setup and hookup design.

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