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Can You Drink in a Moving RV?

Everyone needs a little hydration on the road. But a RV can make doing some things challenging, especially while in motion. 

RV owners tend to be pretty adaptable. Since they aren’t in a traditional house for at least part of the time, they can find ways to experience the comforts of home with other methods. This includes trying to drink in a moving RV.

Using weights, timing, or holder, it’s readily possible to drink in a moving RV. If part of the question is, can you drink alcohol in a moving RV, the answer is no for a variety of reasons.

How do I keep drinkware safe while moving in an RV?

Most RVs have a number of cupholders so that hot or cold liquids don’t get spilled on surfaces or people. These can also be adjusted based on the size of the cup.

Another option is to buy specific cups or glasses that are weighted so they don’t slide while taking turns.

These can help both keep your drink safe and to keep glasses and cups from breaking. Cleaning up broken glass is no fun, especially with kids around.

We suggest acquiring your drink before you start moving, though. Many people find it difficult to walk in a moving RV, much less pour a drink. A can might be the easiest as it’s secured and not yet open. 

Alcohol in an RV

Let’s start with knowing that drinking and driving is a criminal offense. In most states, driving with an open container of alcohol is also an offense.

For your own safety and the safety of others, don’t have alcohol in the RV until it is parked someplace safely.


Drinking in a moving RV is possible. Drinking alcohol in a moving RV is not legal in most states and is generally both unsafe and a bad idea, especially for the driver. Using simple weights on cups, cupholders, or other methods of security should keep the rest of your drinking utensils safe.

Enjoy your juice, water, soda, or whatever on the road. We just suggest you get up before you start moving to ensure safety.

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