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Can You Put A Regular Mattress In An RV?

So you’ve just gotten an RV and you’re getting ready to go camping for the first time. You are looking forward to freedom, adventure, and excitement. However, you may be worried about the mattress. Many years ago, the mattresses in an RV were not very comfortable.

Over the years, people began to ask the question: can you put a regular mattress in an RV? The answer is yes, depending on the layout and size of your RV.  

These days, you have a variety of options for the mattress in your RV. This means that you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep after spending the day exploring the area with your family. In fact, if you do it right, you can almost sleep as well as you do in your bed at home.

Mattress Sizes For RVs

You’ll find that mattresses come in a variety of sizes and even if they have the same name, they can be quite different from your mattress at home. We’ll look at the different sizes below.

Twin Mattress

This is a very common size for RVs since they fit more easily into tight spaces. They typically come in 2 different sizes:

  1. 28 by 75
  2. 28 by 80

Depending upon the layout of your RV, you may be able to get two side by side or even use them as bunk beds.

Truck-Size Mattress

This mattress gets its name because it’s usually found in a semi-truck, but it can also be used in an RV. These come in 2 sizes as well:

  1. 35 by 79
  2. 42 by 80

Due to its extra length, sometimes this size is a better option than the twin size.

Bunk Mattress

If you need your RV to be “family-friendly” and sleep lots of kids, you might want to consider bunk mattresses. They come in a variety of sizes:

  1. 28” by 75”
  2. 30” by 75”
  3. 30” by 80”
  4. 34” by 75”
  5. 35” by 79”

No matter what the layout of your RV, you are probably going to find a bunk setup that allows everyone to sleep comfortably.

Three Quarter Mattress

This mattress is slightly larger than twin and bunk mattresses, but slightly smaller than a full-size mattress. If you don’t have room for a full-size mattress, but you need something bigger than the above options, this might be a good option. They are usually 48” by 75” and can sleep two children or one adult, depending on their size.

RV Full/Double Mattress

These mattresses are slightly smaller than a full-size mattress that you’d find in someone’s home, as they are 53” by 75”. This is typically what is going to come in your RV when you first buy it, depending on the layout. This size is usually fairly comfortable for one adult.

Short Queen RV Mattress

Again, this one is a bit shorter than the queen-size mattress you sleep in at home, as it is 60” by 75”. Two adults can sleep on this mattress pretty comfortably. The fact that it’s shorter means that it can fit into a tighter space, plus it’s not quite as heavy as a standard queen-size mattress.

Standard Mattress

This mattress is usually referred to as a “full-size” mattress and usually measures 54” by 75”. You can also find a short full mattress, measuring 48” by 74”. Of course, you’ll want to measure your space to be sure that it’s going to fit properly.

Queen Mattress

This size is not as common as the short queen-size, but some RVs can accommodate a standard queen-size mattress that measures 60” by 80”. However, since this is usually too large to fit into an RV, make sure that you measure, and it will fit before trying to move it in.

RV King Mattress

This is a great option for larger RVs, as they usually measure 72” by 75” or 72” by 80”. If you have a slide out on your RV, you may even be able to fit 2 RV King mattresses.

Other Options

While these are the typical sizes, you may find that your RV doesn’t have room for any of these sites. In this case, you may be able to have a mattress custom-made to fit your space.

Putting A Regular Mattress In Your RV

In most cases, RVs come with a memory foam mattress, measuring 5” to 6” deep. These are usually a bit less comfortable than your mattress at home. If you feel like you want to replace it with a more comfortable one, it should not be a problem. You’ll need to take the following steps:

  1. Measure mattress
  2. Measure bed frame
  3. Measure the spaces around the mattress

Choosing A Mattress For Your RV

When you are trying to decide on the mattress you want to sleep on while you’re traveling, consider things like:

  1. Affordability
  2. Weight
  3. Comfort
  4. Durability

Due to the limited space in an RV, beds are often used for other things, such as play areas for kids, workspaces, and even dining tables. Therefore, you’ll have to make sure the mattress you choose can be stood up and moved out of the way if necessary.

You’ll want to consider is the weight of the mattress. You don’t want it so heavy that it adds a lot of extra weight to your RV.

Finally, make sure that it can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and is resistant to mold/mildew. The last thing you want to do is get ready to take your RV out one season and find out that your mattresses have molded- that’s a smell that you’ll have a hard time getting out of your RV! 

Bottom Line

If you do decide to replace your RV mattress, know that you have options. Take the time to measure your space to find out what will fit and get the mattress you want. Remember to recycle your old ones! Keep in mind that bedding can also increase your comfort level!

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