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Coleman RV Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

When you’re out camping in the woods or parked at a campground in the heat of the summer, you rely on your Coleman RV’s air conditioner to work properly. Yet, as with many other mechanical items, it is not unheard of for an RV air conditioner to go out without warning. 

If this should happen to you, there are a few Coleman RV air conditioner troubleshooting tactics you can try. By looking at the compressor, determining the voltage, and checking the filter, you can begin your attempts to figure out what is causing your Coleman RV air conditioner to malfunction. 

A Coleman RV air conditioner can also work as a furnace when a heat strip is added. This complexity makes it more prone to issues and breakdown, because it can serve a dual purpose. 

Common Coleman RV Air Conditioner Problems

While everyone’s Coleman camper is unique, the problems that users experience with their RV air conditioners are fairly typical. After all, all of these units are made virtually the same, so it’s only logical they will experience similar problems due to wear and tear and mechanical malfunction. 

Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air

There is nothing more frustrating than an air conditioner that is blowing out hot air instead of cold air on a warm day. Your AC’s thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature of the air coming out of the device, so you should take a look at this mechanism before evaluating anything else. If you reduce the number on your thermostat but the temperature of the air coming out is still how, there is likely a larger underlying problem. 

Clogged Air Conditioner Vents

If you can’t feel air coming out of your Coleman RV’s air conditioner or it is just faintly blowing out, there could be a problem with the actual vents of your AC. These can become clogged with dirt and debris, or they could be blocked completely. Further evaluation will determine what you need to do to correct this problem. 

Electric Problems

Sometimes your Coleman RV’s air conditioner can stop working completely. Oftentimes, this is the result of a wiring issue or circuit breaker problem. It can be dangerous to try to troubleshoot this issue on your own if you don’t have experience in this area. 

While you may be able to identify electrical problems as the issue with your Coleman RV’s air conditioner, it is best to call upon a professional electrician to resolve any problems with your unit. You may even find your Coleman RV’s air conditioner unit is simply too small for your camper.

Common Causes of Malfunction That Can Occur With a Coleman RV Air Conditioner

Knowing where to start diagnosing problems with your Coleman RV air conditioner is half the battle. If you can narrow it down to a specific component or function, you can better describe your issue to a professional who could help. Here are a few things we see as common problems with Coleman RV air conditioner units:

Faulty Compressors

The compressor or fan of your Coleman RV air conditioner plays an important role in refrigerating vapors it then condenses. A faulty compressor can mean bad news for your Coleman RV’s air conditioner. 

Testing out your Coleman RV’s AC compressor is a fairly easy process and can be done with a voltmeter. You can plug the voltmeter into a receptacle, turn on the air conditioner, and wait two minutes for the compressor to kick in before checking the voltage. 

The voltage on your Coleman RV’s air conditioner should read 103.5 volts in order to run the unit properly. 

Voltage and Power 

When you spot no lights on the thermostat, it is a sure sign your Coleman RV’s air conditioner is out of power. The first step to troubleshooting this issue is to check to see if you are getting any 12-volt power from your fuses or circuits. 

Certain problems, like a dead battery, may be easily identifiable. Whereas other issues, like a compressor not running when the fan does, can signify a voltage issue. 

Poor air flow can also lead to problems with voltage and power. Dirty air filters, condensers, and leaking air ducts can lead to these issues. 

Filter Problems

Short cycling, poor air flow, dirty filters, and freezing can also be the cause of Coleman RV air conditioner problems. Leaking gaskets can also cause some issues, too. There are many troubleshooting procedures RV owners can go through themselves, while others should be left to the professionals. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many things that could go wrong with the air conditioner in a Coleman RV. Many of them can be prevented with good maintenance, but some issues simply can’t be avoided. When your AC won’t turn on, comes on and then goes off, or leaks when it rains, it may be time to troubleshoot the issue to see if a professional needs to be called in. 

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