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What Are Some Common Cruiser RV Fun Finder Problems?

Most every RV made has small problems with either manufacturing or things that owners just don’t like. These problems can be a bit of preference, or actual problems that have the potential to cause damage within the RV.

We are going to focus primarily on Cruiser Fun Finder model problems by looking at issues presented by users on the Internet. The purpose is to learn more about the Cruiser Fun Finder and the factors that go into how to fix these issues and whether or not you should buy one.

Issues presented by customers: Connection leaks

One user who purchased a Cruiser Fun Finder reported a major issue with all the connections on their RV leaking when initially plugged into outside water sources. 

The issue was the result of loose fitting or poorly made fixtures in that particular vehicle. While the user didn’t say how bad the leak was and whether or not it was a trickle, it’s possible that an issue with quality control on more than one connection resulted in big or small leaks.

The same driver reported big issues with the shower leaking enough water to flood the underbelly of the RV and soak, thus ruining their insulation.

Roof Problems

Another user reported major issues with the planks that hold the RV roof together coming loose and pushing against the rubber roof. 

A tech believed that the screws used to fasten the place were too short and gradually loosened, then dipped down to be exposed as they pushed against the rubber roof. Issues like this might be a combination of poor quality control and using the wrong kind of screws to fasten the wood.

Air Conditioning Issues

Keeping cool in an RV is important, especially if you plan to travel during the summer or in the deep south. Air conditioning issues can be big.

Owners of the Cruiser Fun Finder said that some issues popped up right away within their RV. One person said their RV came with the thermostat miswired, so the air conditioner wouldn’t turn on at all while they bought it. This is also a problem that should be caught during the pre delivery inspection.

The air conditioning venting has problems, according to an owner who said that their air conditioner felt weaker than normal. Upon investigation, the user learned that the collars used to connect the vents to the air conditioner were too big and were partially blocking or choking the vent, so cool air couldn’t get out efficiently. The user seems to understand air conditioning, so this might be a result of preference and wanting a particular temperature.

Water heater problems

While this issue was not reported as much as others, the Cruiser Fun Finder has a few reported problems with water heater survival. In what is likely an extreme scenario, one recent purchaser claims their water heater stopped working after two weeks. While they did not specify why, it would be imagined they expected the water heater to generally work for more than two weeks.

Black tank issues

One of the last things you want to have fall off your RV besides your wheels or engine is the black tank. This is in part because the result can be a big mess, especially if the tank or valve breaks. 

A Cruiser Fun Finder buyer claims their black tank fell off not once, but twice. While the user provides little detail about how, it’s likely the support structure that connects the black tank to the vehicle having an issue – and the inability to fix it is also odd.

Sewer pipe leaks

In addition to the black tank potentially falling off, the Cruiser has been known in some cases to have issues with the pipe leading to the black tank leaking. This is normally found through smell and finding a drip under the RV.

The problem can be relatively easy to fix by either patching up the pipe or replacing it, but is still a hassle for an important part of the RV – and it can gross.

Electrical and other examples of quality control issues

In some places, users reported issues that were not material defect but likely problems with installation.

One owner who otherwise had good things to say about the Cruiser Fun Finder also said that they found uncapped wires and hanging wires in various spots, especially with headlights and tail lights. The issue could cause light systems to fail or short out in addition to generally looking ugly and unkempt.

Issues with walls

Walls aren’t supposed to move. Multiple users reported that time caused their walls to gradually A shift by an inch, as measured by it’s separation from cabinets and counters. The issue is likely caused by walls that are bending back in place, in addition to poorly fastened cabinets and counters.

Take problems with a grain of salt

Aside from specific complaints about the quality of materials, take some issues with a grain of salt – or be as skeptical of negative claims about an RV as much as you would positive. An RV owner can unknowingly do something to cause some of these problems, or the interior materials that aren’t up the RV owner’s normal standards.

Many of the people complaining about the Fun Finder did suggest they believed they had paid a bit more for higher quality materials. We would also take special note of anyone who claims to have had problems right away, like with the thermostat or with the water heater dying.

On the other hand, people who don’t have problems with their RV also don’t tend to say anything or post. They are out enjoying their RV instead. Your RV is unlikely to have all the problems listed above combined. Quality control tends to result in issues that are spread out.

Customer Service

Another important element is customer perspectives on customer service. If Cruiser is willing to fix their issues, the customer is in good shape. 

Many customers also complained that their fixes took more than two weeks to fix. This is more likely a problem acquiring parts and people with knowhow on fixing an RV.


So there you have it, some reports from people about issues with their Cruiser Fun Finder RV. All RV’s do have their problems with anything from the quality of parts to the way they were installed. Thankfully, most problems are on some level fixable and identifiable right away. We strongly suggest you conduct a pre delivery inspection on your RV regardless of age to uncover future issues. A pre delivery inspection, especially with a dealer, ensures that someone in the know can fix problems up front.

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