Do RV Trailers Have Washers And Dryers?

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RVers consider their campers to be their home away from home. A good motorhome comes with a bed, bathroom, and kitchen, all on wheels. All the luxuries of the modern world, plus wheels. But do they also come with a laundry room?

Yes, they do come with washers and dryers, or at least they can. Washers and dryers are generally an add-on for campers. And while household chores are no one’s favorite thing to do while exploring the highway, the convenience is very desirable. Especially on long trips.

So whether you are buying new, renting, or looking to upgrade, it is possible to have a washer and dryer in your vehicle.

Types Of Washers And Dryers For RVs

When considering a new camper washer and dryer unit, there are three main types:

  1. Stackable washer/dryers for RVs
  2. RV washer and dryer combo
  3. Portable RV washer and dryer

Add to this the two variations on these three themes:

  1. Vented
  2. Non-Vented

Vented machines use the air in the room to dry clothing and require a vent in the roof of the RV. Non-vented units heat the air in the drum.

Vented are often chosen over non-vented. This is because non-vented have a tendency to use a lot of electricity since the drying process takes longer.

However, many other RVers opt for this option because they do not want to make modifications to their RV roof to accommodate a vent.

Ultimately, the option of which washer/dryer combo is best for you will depend on what you are looking for in a laundry room set. So let’s get into more detail about the options that are out there for your RV.

What Is The Best RV Washer And Dryer?

Washer/Dryer Combo

In terms of what is most popular, the washer/dryer combo made for RVs is definitely way up there on the list. It is the most popular pick among RVers who want an efficient system since the drum is used for washing and drying. Many units are even able to change operation (washing or drying) without you ever having to push any buttons.

Stackable Washer And Dryer

Another good option for RVers is the stackable washer and dryer.

This works like a washer and dryer unit in most homes, except they are lighter and more compact. The machines can handle loads of up to 13 pounds and, because they are independent machines, they can be used simultaneously. Many models are equipped with water-saving technology. If you anticipate needing to do larger amounts of laundry while on the road, then the stackable washer and dryer option might be something for you to consider.

Ventless RV Dryer

Some RVers prefer a ventless dryer option, and with good reason: They don’t want to drill through their ride to install a vent. This can compromise your vehicle’s integrity because the more openings you create in the siding, the more water damage might set in.

A ventless dryer solves this problem by heating the air inside the drum rather than blowing air pulled from the outside. This eliminates the need for a vent. However, these kinds of dryers can also be more expensive and tend to require more time and electricity to get your clothes dry.

Portable RV Washers And Dryers

A portable washer allows you to wash your clothes anywhere that you have access to an outlet, sink, and drain. Some models are designed to even run without electricity. They are great for RVers who don’t have any other options. They’re also very fast and can finish a wash cycle in less than 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, portable dryers are a great option because they are non-vented. Some have a sensor to indicate how the drying process is going and apply more heat as needed. Many models also have various settings, so your clothes always dry according to the tag without any damage. 

Can You Install A Washer And Dryer In An RV?

Some RVs, especially smaller campers, do not come with a washer/dryer from the manufacturer. Fortunately, you can install them yourself.

By “install yourself,” we mean something more like contacting a professional to install it for you. It is often a major renovation to add a washer and dryer unit to a camper that originally was not equipped for one. However, some RVers do make it a DIY project as part of their long-term or full-time life in their camper.

Are There Any Alternatives To RV Washers And Dryers?

Unfortunately, the flow of dirty clothes never really stops, even if you are on vacation. But unless you are a full-time RVer with a washer and dryer, getting laundry done can seem like a nearly impossible chore. Fortunately, there are some options for getting your clothes clean while remaining in the comfort of your RV.

Truckstop plazas such as Flying J and Pilot offer amenities for truck drivers that can also be used by RVers. These amenities often include washer and dryer setups. RV Parks and Campgrounds also usually have washers and dryers on-site, as well as city water and a municipal septic tank to refresh your tanks during your stop. Most sightseeing towns also have laundromats, which will let you get the job done if you do not have an RV-specific option.

In Summary

Many campers and RV newbies are happy to learn that clean clothes are one luxury that they do not have to go without on their RV trip.

Even if you are a long-time RVer with a rig without a laundry room, having a washing machine and dryer can go a long way toward making your home on wheels feel even homier.

There are options out there for every kind of RV, from the same kind of washers and dryers you could find in a home (just shrunk down to RV size), to portable hand-operated washers. The choice is yours! So get out there in some fresh duds and ride in style.

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