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Do They Make a Class A RV With A Bathtub?

At the end of a tumultuous day, nothing soothes the senses quite like a nice, hot bath. If you’re already splurging on a luxurious Class A RV, you’ll no doubt want one that will offer every comfort possible. Finding a Class A RV with a bathtub isn’t as hard as it sounds; there are a few models that will have just what you need for a long soak. 

The Foretravel Realm FS6 Luxury Villa Spa has one of the most extravagant bathrooms you can find in an RV. For big spenders, the Furrion Elysium and Futuria Motorhome both offer top of the line elegance, including bathtubs. 

Class A RVs With Bathtubs 

The Foretravel Realm FS6 Luxury Villa Spa 

General Stats 

At approximately 45’ in length, this is no tiny vehicle. It has impressive safety specs, including a rear escape door with an integrated ladder, an advanced protection system, and collision mitigation. 

Aside from the safety features, this RV has plenty of other bells and whistles. There is a multi-function digital dash and instrumentation display system, as well as a driver’s assist functionality. Take command with a GPS navigation system built into the dashboard, with additional passenger side monitors.

These RVs have four slide-outs, meaning it’s perfect for families or larger groups. The master bedroom is also ideal for storage with its impressive walk-in closet. 

The Tub 

The Foretravel Realm F26 Luxury Villa Spa RV is not just for people who want a class a RV with a bathtub in it. This is an RV for people who want a full out, no expenses spared bathing experience.

There are two baths in this rv. The master bath has a massaging tub. The Kohler Underscore bath fitted into this RV comes with bubble massage hydrotherapy technology, VibrAcoustic sound waves, chromotherapy lights, and a heated surface. 

But the benefits don’t stop there. Your soothing spa session can entertain you with six hidden speakers fitted right into the tub. Listen to your favorite Spotify playlists or podcasts while you soak away the day. Chromotherapy lights allow you to set the lighting settings of your RV tub in ways that will improve your mood.

There are an incredible 122 jets in this tub. They’ll release thousands of bath bubbles that will cushion and massage your body for maximum relaxation.

Have you ever wanted to watch TV while you take a bath? This RV’s bathroom has a flat panel TV encased into the storage area above the tub. It seems that the Foretravel Realm FS6 Luxury Villa Spa has thought of everything; the TV is even angled down to improve the viewing experience from the tub.

How does this Class A RV bathtub hold up in the heating department, you may ask? The water tank system in this RV is a hydronic heating system, paired with a headhunter water pump. This will provide an ample hot water supply and water pressure. That water pressure applies to both the bathtub and the shower. 

Furrion Elysium 

General Specs 

The Foretravel RV might be on the pricier side at roughly $800,000, but the incredibly grand Furrion Elysium will fetch you a cool $2 million. If you’re looking for the highest of high end Class A RVs with bathtubs, you’re in luck. 

This 45’ RV has an impressive upper deck, creating an area that makes for a perfect entertaining lounge. With three TVs, a touch-screen infotainment center, and a functional fireplace, there’s no shortage of comfort in this high-flying RV. 

Furrion is known for making top of the line appliances for RVs, yachts, hotels, and houses. 

The Tub

The tub in this RV is located in the master bathroom. It’s a fully state-of-the-art ‘smart’ tub, toilet, and shower. 

What most people will talk about for this RV, however, is the hot tub. On the roof of this RV is a glass-walled hot tub with multiple jets, light controls, and an audio system. 

Futuria Motorhome 

General Stats

Built by a German company, this million dollar motorhome was made in collaboration with a camping company. Each model is built right to the buyer’s specifications. Some models even have a garage, making it more like a condo on wheels than an RV. 

This Class A RV has a small sleeping bunk to make up for all of the extravagant features. There’s a massive U-shaped couch and a spacious kitchenette. You’ll enjoy a built-in coffee machine, industrial grade dishwasher, and a freezer-fridge combo. 

The Tub 

The rooftop, 123 gallon whirlpool tub has illuminated jet nozzles and pulsators. LED lighting brightens things up to create, or soothe, a mood. There’s even a waterfall feature, just to add to the overall feeling of luxury. 

There’s also a master bathroom, complete with a smaller interior tub. Since these are built to the buyers exact wishes, you can customize your tub so that it suits all your comfort needs. Some models have built in sound systems, jets, or a heating option. The limit is only your imagination – and your budget. 


The world of rving is all about taking the luxuries of home out on the road with you. When it comes to class A rvs, that comfort and luxury is cranked up to 11. If you want to have a relaxing, elegant bathing experience in a class A rv, you have a few options.

For $800,000, the four travel realm fs6 luxury Villa spa has everything you could possibly want in a bathtub, and then some. With 122 jets, chromotherapy lights, and a heated surface, it leaves very little to be desired.

On the higher end or the figure on Elysium, a $2 million class a RV with a bathtub. The bathtub is housed inside a bathroom with a smart toilet and a smart shower. There is also a hot tub on the roof of this over the top rv.

Finally, the futuria motorhome is a German offering that is built to order. A 123 gallon whirlpool tub will envelope you in a warm, one of a kind bath. 

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