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How To Hang Lights On Rv Awning

Who doesn’t love hanging on their makeshift patio while camping, enjoying some fresh air and a beautiful view of wherever their RV traveling journey has brought them? One of the beauties of travelling in an RV is the ability to stop and smell the roses whenever you choose, such as stargazing from your front door.

One fun, dazzling way to spice up your RV and make it feel even more like home is hanging lights on your awning. This idea brings a little bit of ambience to your night time hangout spot and doesn’t cost too much to do. This also makes nighttime barbecuing and eating outdoors much easier!

Hanging lights on an RV awning is a simple task that can be done a variety of different ways. Tying lights to the awning, looping rope lights around awning bars, hanging string lights between awning bars, using clothespins, binder clips, shower curtain rings and much more are all ways to bring some light to your outdoor space.

Hanging lights on your awning is a relatively simple task that can be completed many ways, depending on the type of lights that you have and how you want it to look. The possibilities are endless, but here are just a few ideas.

Tying The Lights To Your Awning

When it comes to hanging battery powered camping lanterns, this method seems to do the trick. Hanging camping lanterns is a fun way to add some light to your patio with some items you may already have stored in your RV.

To do so, you will need however many lanterns you plan to use and some rope strong enough to hold them. Simply loop the rope through the handle of the lantern and then around the sturdier bars of the awning, tying the ends together at the desired length you want. 

This method allows you to have lanterns hung in a matter of minutes, and saves space so you can hang as many as you want. You can also do different lengths of rope, hanging various lanterns at different heights if you prefer.

Using Rope Lights

Rope lights are a string of lights within a plastic rope that can be found at typical hardware stores. They come in LED or fluorescent lights, giving you an option as to the type of lighting you want. Since they are in a plastic rope, they are able to bend and twist while being set up how you like. 

To connect them to your RV’s awning, simply wrap the rope lights around the metal frame bars on either end. They should stay put and won’t need to be sured, but if they do consider using a bungee cord to hold the end in place.

Make sure to keep the end with the plug for power near your RV so it can easily reach an outlet. An extension cord can be used if there is not one close enough to use.

Hanging String Lights

String lights are a fun and easy way to light up your outdoor space while camping. They are simple, the perfect soft light and look very inviting when hanging over a relaxing outdoor space.

These lights are very common and are just multiple bulbs attached to the cord with an equal distance between each. You may have seen them before hanging in an outdoor patio at a restaurant, or in a friend’s backyard.

If you want to use string lights on your awning, make sure to buy some that are long enough to reach from one side to the other. Measuring the length of your awning from the front end of your motorhome to the back is recommended. 

To do this, you will need rope or string and your string lights. Simply tie one end of the cord to the awning bar, securing it tightly. Tie the other end to the other bar, making sure the rope is tight enough to keep the cord from slipping out. Plug them in and ta da, let there be light!

Using Clothespins

This is the most budget friendly way to hang lights on your awning, using only a bag of clothespins and whatever type of light you are choosing to use. This method can be done with string lights the best.

Simply line the cord of the string lights along the fabric of the awning, and secure with a clothespin clipping the fabric and cord. 

Be sure the clothespin is secure to the fabric before releasing to hang on its own so the light does not accidentally fall. If needed, adjust the clothespin to grab more fabric.

Small Binder Clips To Hang Lights

Small binder clips are another budget friendly way to hang lights on your RV awning that can be purchased at most local office supply stores. These are a great alternative if you don’t like the look of clothespins to hang lights and want something less visible.

The same way you would hook the lights to the awning with the clothespin, just replace them with binder clips. These may also hold better than the clothespins given the stronger clamp of the binder clip. 

If small clips don’t seem to work, consider trying medium ones. They should be large enough to hold the weight and more of the fabric on your awning for better support. 

Shower Curtain Rings

Shower curtain rings are another easy and inexpensive way to hang your lights that are more sturdy for heavier lights. These can be used to hang string lights or lanterns, depending which you prefer. 

To do so, simply loop the showe curtain ring through the handle of your lantern and latch around a sturdy awning bar. Make sure to buy shower curtain rings that are large enough to fit around both. 

If you are doing this with string lights, loop the shower curtain ring around the cord and then around a section of the awning frame. This method is a great, foolproof way to make sure your lights are secure no matter what kind you are using.

RV Awning Light Clips 

Hanging lights on your RVs awning is a very popular idea, so popular that some RVs now come standard with clips or hooks on them just for this purpose. 

If yours doesn’t, you can buy them from an RV supply store and install them yourself, attaching them to the railing of the awning. Once installed hanging lights becomes even easier, and the hooks do not need to be removed when putting your awning away.

To hang them once the hooks are installed, simply attach each light on the light string to the hook by the top of the bulb. Plug in at your nearest outlet, using an extension cord if needed to reach.

Install An LED Light Strip

Installing an LED light strip is a nice way to have lights that you do not have to take down when you put your awning away. String lights and lanterns will need to be removed while on the move, unlike an LED light strip.

To do this, you will need:

  • A ladder
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • LED light strip

To start, measure the length of your awning from the front of your RV to the back. When purchasing your LED light strip, be sure it is long enough to cover the entire length and has an adhesive backing for easy installation. 

Cut your LED light strip to the length of your awning, minus an inch or two. This will ensure your lights do not get caught on or crushed by anything when closing or opening.

On a ladder, begin attaching your lights to the awning rail when the awning is closed as this is much easier. Remove the adhesive and stick to the railing as it is removed.

When you go to use them, you will likely need an extension cord to reach the nearest outlet. One great thing about this type of lighting is that they can be used whether the awning is open or closed.

In Conclusion

Hanging lights on your RVs awning is very popular, with good reason. There is nothing quite like enjoying a nice night outside while on the road, whether it be to eat dinner, read a book or just spend time with your loved ones.

Hanging lights makes spending time outdoors at night much more enjoyable and practical, no matter what you are doing. Thanks to the popularity of this activity, there have been a lot of different ways discovered to make it happen.

String lights can be hung a number of ways including rope, shower curtain rings, binder clips, clothespins, and RV light hooks. All are relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

Battery operated lanterns can be hung with rope or shower curtain rings in a matter of minutes. This is a fun way to make your outdoor lighting unique and fun.

Rope lights and LED light strips are another way to light up your patio. No matter what you choose and how you choose to do it, you will love having a little extra light for your evenings spent outdoors while camping. 

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