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How To Keep an RV Refrigerator Door Closed

A proper working fridge is critical to a good RV trip. You might be traveling to a place where food isn’t easy to find and buy, especially while driving an RV. Many drivers could also use a snack or drink while driving long distances.

Some RVs are designed to be functional on some level while driving. The fridge door is one of those things that seems like a small deal until you realize it doesn’t work quite the same with moving tires. You also need it to stay shut to avoid spoiling food or having items roll out onto the floor and potentially breaking.

Keeping your fridge door shut on the road is often as simple as either locking it, velcroing, or finding some other way to keep the fridge door from opening. We will go through some common methods of securing your fridge door and how they work. Other methods include fridge organization.

Velcro to keep your refrigerator door closed

Velcro is one of the most common ways to secure an rv fridge door. This works especially with small fridges.

There many be specific products available for the purpose, but it’s generally pretty easy to setup. You’ll first need two strips of velcro, both of which need to have a sticky backing. The product you buy might have specific instructions, but here are general ones.

  1. Clean the side of the fridge and the side of the door in the locations where you want to place sticky velcro. Using dish soap and a rough sponge might help remove anything from either.
  2. Measure the length of the velcro pieces. You’ll want the distance between your sticky velcro pads to be less than the strap.
  3. Choose a good spot on the side of the fridge where you want to place the sticky velcro. Your best option is to place the sticky velcro on the side as close to the front as possible. You want a tight strap.
  4. Mark the spot with a marker or something so you can remember where it is.
  5. Apply the sticky side of the velcro to both the side of the fridge and the door.
  6. Take the newly secured velcro strap from the side of the fridge and attach it to the velcro on the door. Make it as tight as you need.

This should keep your door secure, at least for a while. Velcro does wear out and some people might find it annoying to undo every time. Otherwise, the method should work especially for smaller fridge doors.

Hardware locks to keep the fridge door closed

Simple hardware locks are available to keep a fridge door closed. These are also used to keep youngsters out of the fridge as they generally don’t have the hand or finger strength to move the lock.

These are usually installed in the same method as the velcro strap. A fridge lock should be more durable as they are generally made of plastic or metal and have a mechanism designed for repeat use.

These hardware locks are readily removable in mosts cases, too.

DIY ways to keep the fridge door closed

Full size refrigerators might need a little more help. Sharp turns are not especially friendly to larger doors, especially taller ones like on a french door fridge.

In a similar manner to the velcro straps, you can install your own fridge lock made from a bungee cord and two cable clamps. This requires a few more tools like a drill or screwdriver and could scratch your fridge, but it’s totally worth it and might be resale to another RV owner.

Note: Be very careful when drilling into your fridge. Your fridge does have electronic parts in addition to piping designed to carry the cold around. Unplug the fridge first and if you must use a drill, go as shallow as you can.

These are a general step by step:

  1. Much like velcro, find a clean spot to put both ends of the lock. Make sure they are lined up properly.
  2. A screwdriver or drill and a small screw should keep the cable clamps in place on the front and on the side of the fridge
  3. Hook the bungee cord onto both sides. The best part about this is that you can choose from a variety of bungee cords and lengths for your own needs.

This is one of the most durable results you can get as attaching the lock directly to the fridge is basically permanent. In some cases, a future buyer of your fridge might actually like the addition of a lock.

Other ways to keep fridge door closed in an RV

There is another simple method that works well within the fridge.

Many times, the fridge door is opened while moving because a large food item, like a can, hits the door and forces it open.

Get storage bins for your fridge. Keep the heavier items in the storage bins to keep them from moving. This won’t solve every accidental fridge opening, but it should cut down on openings.

If you are driving alone, you’ll probably still want some sort of lock as pulling over consistently to close the fridge door is a bit inefficient.

A combination of a lock method and storage bins should keep your fridge from opening it.


There we go! A few easy ways to keep your fridge cool, and keeping food items off the floor. One thing we don’t like to hear while driving an RV is the sound of glass breaking on the kitchen floor. Especially with kids around!

Our tips, and maybe a trip to a hardware store, should keep your fridge closed. Note that all results expect for the do it yourself cable clamp and bungee lock are removable. Twisting some commercial locks that go on can remove them with a good tug. 

Choose which method you want to use and you’ll quickly learn which one works best for your fridge and doors.

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