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How To Keep RV Drawers Closed

It’s a common issue: you’re driving on seemingly smooth pavement, enjoying the convenience of your RV. Suddenly you hit a slight bump, and your kitchen utensils are jangling around free in the now open drawer. 

It’s loud, annoying, and can lead to a lot of cleanup depending on what might be thrust out of each drawer. Not only that, but it can be dangerous, distracting the driver or making it possible for passengers to get hurt. 

To keep your RV drawers closed, you can fit your drawers with magnetic latches, child safety locks, or velcro. You can also make use of storage containers instead while the vehicle is in motion. 

How To Keep RV Drawers Closed 

If you’re prone to hearing your silverware clatter around, you’re likely wondering how to keep your RV drawers closed while in motion. This is a common concern of many RV owners, especially ones who live in their RVs full time. Thankfully, there are a few well-tested solutions. 

Magnetic Latches

Magnetic latches are one of the most typical methods of keeping RV drawers and cabinets closed. They’re just as they sound; a pair of powerful magnets that you install into the two sides of the drawer. When sold in hardware stores, they’ll usually come with several sets, allowing you to outfit multiple drawers with one pack. 

If you don’t have magnetic latches, you could also use magnetic tape. Magnetic tape can be cut into strips and laid across the inside of the drawer. It won’t be as powerful as the latches, but it could suffice in a pinch. 

In addition to being sturdy, magnetic latches are also invisible from outside the drawer. This means that they will not clash with the decor of your vehicle. 

Child Safety Locks

These convenient locks aren’t just good for keeping tiny hands safe. They can also be perfect for preventing your drawers from sliding open on the road. Child safety locks attach without drilling or screws, meaning they detach easily too. 

Since children are often stronger than they look, these latches are meant to handle a great deal of force. Even the sharpest turns won’t shake child safety locks loose. The locks are magnetic and attach with adhesive tapes. 


Velcro, also called hook-and-loop tape, can be a lifesaver for keeping RV drawers closed. Simply cut both sides of your velcro to size and use the sticky adhesive backing to attach it. 

Take heed when using velcro, as it doesn’t have the power to withstand harsh pulling or pushing. If you have something in a cabinet or drawer that is particularly heavy, velcro may not be your ideal option. 

A Rolled Up Rug

To keep lower RV drawers closed while the coach is moving, take a tightly rolled rug and wedge it under the counters. This will only work to keep lower drawers closed, but it can be helpful in a pinch. 

You can also do this with a heavy towel or blanket. If you’ve got it wedged securely enough, even heavy items will not knock the drawers asunder on sharp turns. 

Other Alternatives

Aside from keeping drawers closed, you can also optimize your storage, minimizing the need for different closure methods. 

Use Storage Containers 

Certain objects that might be causing your drawers to open more easily might also have their own storage solutions. For example, there are pot and pan holders that will keep everything in place while you’re driving. 

Clean Up Before Heading Out 

It might seem obvious, but it’s fairly easy to forget to clean up before you hit the road. Prior to setting out on the road, pack up miscellaneous items into secure boxes. Empty out the drawers so there is less pushing on them and forcing them open. 

Even if the drawers do open, nothing will spill out. Noise will be significantly reduced as well. When you pull out of your driveway, you’ll know that all of your belongings are kept together. 


RV drawers flying open with reckless abandon are not a new burden for RV owners. It is loud, annoying, and potentially dangerous for drivers and passengers alike. Thankfully, the common nature of the problem means that solutions are on standby. 

Magnetic latches are secure, convenient, and subtle in their appearance, making them an ideal way to keep RV drawers closed. Child safety locks are a breeze to apply, needing no screwing or drilling, and can withstand great force. In a pinch, velcro can also work wonders. 

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