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How To Keep Your RV Mattress From Sliding


There’s nothing more Annoying than having your mattress sliding all over the place in your RV.

Thankfully, there are several EASY solutions to keep your RV mattress from sliding using a variety of products and techniques. These products and techniques have been tried, tested, and proven to be reliable.

So How do I keep my mattress from sliding?

The best ways to keep your RV mattress from sliding are:

  • Using a mattress Gripper pad

  • Installing an anti slip Gasket (baffles)

  • Attaching Velcro tape

velcro for sliding rv mattress

All of the above are great options to keep your mattress from sliding. However certain methods will be more appropriate based on your personal situation. Lets go over these options one by one to look at the pros and cons.

1. Mattress Gripper Pad

These are non slip mattress pads made out of slip resistant PVC.

It used to be that you had to find non slip rug gripper and cut them to size. Nowaday there a plenty of options for mattress gripper pads of all sizes. These non slip pads are Extremely effective, easy to use. To install a mattress gripper pad: simply lay it out flat between the mattress and the surface on which the mattress rests. Thats it. your done!


  • Effective way to keep a mattress in place

  • Quickest installation!

  • Easy to remove

  • Affordable


  • Can only be used effectively for 1 mattress size

  • May not work well if laid directly onto a metal frame

*Note: If the mattress is dirty then its a good idea to make sure all surfaces are clean before installing the mattress pad. Dirt and dust can stick to the bottom of the pad, causing it to become less sticky. A clean mattress will have a better grip. These work great with a mattress cover as long as its clean.

mattress topper

Can I use Rug Gripper pad to stop a mattress from sliding?

Yes, If you already have a rug pad, or another bulk non slip pad, then it may be more cost-effective then buying a new mattress gripper pad. This should work fine as they are non slip pads, and are made from the same PVC material. One reason to buy a new mattress gripper would be to avoid the hassle of cutting a custom-sized pad for your mattress.

Rug pads are used and installed in the exact same way as mattress gripper pads. They work great on top of a platform bed or box spring. It is a good idea with rug gripper pads to ensure the surface it will lay on is clean and free of dust or debris, just like with the mattress gripper pad.

2. Anti-Slip Gaskets (baffles)

An anti-slip Gaskets also known as “Baffles are a simple piece of hardware that can be installed relatively easily around the edges of an RV bed frame to keep your mattress from sliding. They essentially work the same as a mattress retainer bar.

They mount directly onto the bed platform. Anti slip baffles work best on wooden or metal bed frames. The portion of the hardware that grips the bed frame is secured in place using a screw that is driven into the side of the frame. Anti-slip gaskets are usually purchased in packs of 4-6. This is so that all four sides of the bed frame can have at least one baffle.


  • Very secure

  • Adjust to fit any size bed frame.

  • Affordable.


  • setting up takes longer than other options.

  • Does not fit all bed frames.

  • May not work if you have a box spring.


There are several ways that Velcro material can be used to keep an RV mattress from sliding around.

Using Velcro is an attractive option for those who would like a more secure solution than a mattress gripper pad but do not want the hassle required for the installation of an anti-slip baffle.

Velcro technology has come a long way in the last few years. Velcro tape is much stronger now, and has replaced many sown in velcro options. Making velcro strips quicker and easier than ever. One option to avoid getting adhesive to your mattress is to apply velco directly to a mattress protector.

Out of all of the options, Velcro is my favorite option for securing couch or dinette cushions in place.


  • Very secure

  • can fit any mattress or cushion

  • Works on metal bed frame.

  • Permanent/semi-permanent option

  • MOST Affordable


  • Permanent (some adhesives or glues will leave a residue if removed

  • Adhesives come in a wide variety of stickyness. Depends greatly from on manufacturer to other.

Best in our Opinion:

As you can see there are many great options. Most of which work well, are easy to do, and are similar in price. It all depends on the special circumstance of your sliding mattress. Let the pros and cons guide your decision for.

In our opinion the best way to stop mattress sliding is use a Gripper pad. It’s the most EASY of methods of all to use, and will continue to work for years! All the while, it can be removed in seconds and easily cleaned.

I hope this article helped you hold your RV mattress in one place!

Best of sleep & best of travels to you!

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