How To Keep Your RV Mattress From Sliding

A slippery RV mattress can be an annoying problem to have. Thankfully, there are many different solutions to this issue. Here you will find 3 ways to keep your RV mattress from sliding using a variety of products and techniques that have been tried, tested, and proven to be reliable.

The 3 best ways to keep your RV mattress from sliding around are using a mattress or rug gripper pad, installing an anti-slip baffle, and using velcro. Depending on the involvement required for install, the cost, the permanence of the install, and the type of bed frame and RV mattress, each one of these 3 savvy solutions will solve the slippery RV mattress problem in a different way.

Mattress Or Rug Gripper Pad

Mattress Gripper Pad

There are many different kinds of mattress gripper pads out there. Usually, the fanciest mattress gripper pads are the most expensive, but there are multiple budget-friendly options that combine great product value and quality.

For example, The Gorilla Grip company sells gripper pads for all mattress sizes from twin to California king. They also sell couch, armchair, and futon-sized gripper pads which may be useful for RV beds that do not fit the standard mattress sizes.

Mattress gripper pads are very easy to use and require minimal work for installation. To install a mattress gripper pad, simply lay it out flat between the mattress and the surface on which the mattress rests.

It is a good idea to make sure all surfaces are clean before installing the mattress pad because dirt and dust can stick to the bottom of the pad, causing it to become less sticky and lose its ability to grip.

Rug Gripper Pad

A potentially more cost-effective alternative to the mattress gripper pad is a simple rug gripper pad. Sometimes these are sold in bulk or in sizes larger than mattress gripper pads, which is great news for RV owners who need to cut a custom-sized gripper pad for their non-standard-sized mattress.

Rug gripper pads also usually come in a variety of thicknesses, levels of quality, and prices. In general, thicker rug gripper pads will hold a better grip than thinner ones when used with a mattress.

Rug gripper pads are used and installed in the exact same way as mattress gripper pads. It is a good idea with rug gripper pads to ensure the surface it will lay on is clean and free of dust or debris, just like with the mattress gripper pad.

Anti-Slip Baffle

An anti-slip baffle is a simple piece of hardware that can be installed relatively easily around the edges of an RV bed frame to hold the mattress in place. Most of these baffles work by holding on to the edge of the bed frame and vertically projecting a strong “tab” that aligns parallel to the side of the mattress. For ease of installation, anti-slip baffles are recommended for use primarily on wooden bed frames because the portion of the hardware that grips the bed frame is typically secured in place using a screw that is driven into the side of the frame.

Anti-slip baffles typically can be purchased in packs of 4-6. This is so that all four sides of the bed frame can have at least one baffle. Basic, unfussy packs of 6 metal anti-slip baffles can be purchased on from various brands for around $17. Fancier baffles with sleeker designs and more complicated installation requirements can be purchased on for between $30 and $40. The attractive quality of nicer and more expensive anti-slip baffles is that if selected wisely and installed correctly, they may hold an RV mattress in place more securely than the cheaper anti-slip baffles.


There are several ways that Velcro material can be utilized to keep an RV mattress from sliding around. Using Velcro is an attractive option for those who would like a more secure solution than a mattress gripper pad but do not want the permanence required for the installation of an anti-slip baffle.

One way to use velcro to secure your RV mattress is by sticking hook-side adhesive-back Velcro to the surface where the mattress rests. The loop-side iron-on or sew-on Velcro can be ironed or sewn onto the bottom surface of the mattress in a configuration that aligns with the hook-side velcro that is stuck to the surface where the mattress will rest.

Most craft or sewing stores carry hook-side and loop-side velcro of different attachment types to be sold individually. If purchasing Velcro at a craft or sewing store, customers can select the hook-side Velcro with adhesive-backing and the loop-side Velcro with iron-on or sew-on backing for this project.

Alternatively, many vendors sell pre-prepared Velcro mattress securing tape kits. Typically these kits come with strong hook-side adhesive-back Velcro to be installed on the surface where the mattress will rest and special loop-side adhesive-back Velcro specifically designed to stick to the material on the bottom surface of some kinds of mattresses.