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How to Remove a TV from a Wall Mount in an RV

The TV is the centerpiece in many living rooms. TVs are also often replaced because they are outdated, are moving to another room, or are broken. The setup within your RV TV stand can be a bit different from home. 

Most of moving your TV from the wall mount involves finding a way to get to the back of the TV. All of this depends on how your RV is setup.

Removing your TV from the RV wall mount takes a few steps, but can be done in minutes. Get a screwdriver ready and we will walk you through how to remove the TV from the RV wall mount in most common ways.

What about the cords when removing my TV?

Your TV might be plugged in behind the mount. The cords may not be accessible until you remove the TV. If the cords are accessible within the mount or outside of, definitely unplug them before you start to avoid unplugging them while trying to move a TV.

Cabinets and RV TV removal

RVs often come with a cabinet that is meant to hold the TV, which also acts as a storage place like a traditional entertainment center. The biggest difference is that the cabinet also helps prevent the TV from moving while you are driving, which can make removing the TV slightly more complicated.

Here is what you will likely need to remove your TV from the cabinet:

  1. A philips or flathead screwdriver. More likely philips. A unique Torx screw is also possile. These look more like stars.
  2. A drill, potentially for a longer reach.
  3. An adjustable wrench to accommodate any size
  4. A flashlight to see inside the cabinet
  5. A mirror can be helpful

The first thing to do is check the instruction manual for the cabinet, if it came with one. The instruction manual can give great tips and processes on how to remove a TV or move the cabinet in a way to make it easy.

The cabinet may have a release somewhere near the bottom that allows the cabinet to open up or release the TV easily. If this is the case, great, otherwise keep reading!

Open the cabinet, if accessible, and look behind the TV. You are likely going to find four screws and a mount holding the TV in place. 

Before you start unscrewing anything, ensure that the TV is not going to fall once you unscrew it. Have someone prepared to either hold the TV or ensure that the TV is going to rest inside the cabinet instead of just dropping.

Unscrewing the TV from the mount

Generally speaking, remove screws from the mount and TV as gently as you can. In other words, you probably don’t need to go full power on the drill to remove screws. You can strip the screws or even break the TV’s plastic cover with too much worse.

The TV might be held in by just screws too. If you have someone holding the TV and want to distribute the gradually increasing weight evenly, unscrew one screw on each side first.

At this point, you might need a flashlight to really see what you are doing. The cabinet is likely dark behind the TV. The cabinet might also limit your ability to move horizontally. Consider using the adjustable wrench to turn the screwdriver if you can’t fit your hand back there well.

When the screws are all removed, store them in a safe space for later use.

Can I just remove the whole cabinet instead of the TV from the RV?

This is definitely an optin. The cabinet will have bolts in the back and bottom that are removed with a socket wrench or screwdriver too. The cabinet will be heavier than the TV itself, but if your intent is move the whole thing, save the effort of removing the RV inside the RV.

What other kinds of wall mounts are there and how do I remove them?

What we described above assumes you have a TV that is in a cabinet wall mount versus an open wall mount. What’s the difference? An open wall mount doesn’t use a cabinet and isn’t considered furniture. A open wall mount is fastened to the wall and its studs instead.

You’ll want to find the instruction manual for the wall mount if you have it. Some wall mounts have a quick release, often a chain or rope that you can pull to release.

Have someone ready to hold the TV if it does have a quick release. You’ll want to be ready to lift up to get the TV over the mount on the wall, then just carry it away.

For those that won’t have a quick release, have someone help you get on each side of the TV. Try to lean the TV forward to see how it’s connected. The wall mount will be connected to the wall with bolts, but the TV is usually connected via a plastic plate that curves up into the TV mount.

You’ll want to lift up with a little bit of force to remove the connection between the TV mount and the wall mount. Keep an eye on the back of the TV to ensure you are moving the right way. Usually, lifting up and away from the mount disconnects.

You might even want a third person on hand to ensure this goes smoothly and to disconnect the mount.

You are unlikely to need a screwdriver in this scenario until you actually remove the TV from the mount. The screws are easily removed from the mount once off the wall.


Removing your TV from the RV wall mount can be quick and easy with some tools and a little insight to how to find the best way to your screws.

Wall mounts can be removed safely with our tips above. And we mean safely for you and the TV! Get a friend or family member or two to help and you’ll be able to potentially balance the TV while removing it.

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