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Is Charmin Toilet Paper RV Safe?

RV living can make you question some of the bigger — and smaller things in life. When you’re out on the road, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is a clogged toilet. What’s worse, using improper toilet tissue may cause the pipes leading to your black tank to clog. 

To avoid backing up RV sewage systems, RV owners are always on the lookout for toilet paper that is RV safe. Some brands and styles should be avoided altogether, while others might have stipulations. Naturally, the most popular names in toilet paper are what consumers will reach for. Charmin, in particular, is one that owners might be curious about. 

In short: yes, some varieties of Charmin toilet paper are RV safe. Charmin Ultra Soft and Charmin Essentials Strong 1-Ply toilet paper are RV safe. Charmin Ultra Strong, on the other hand, should be avoided. If you’re unsure, you can always perform a simple test to see which Charmin toilet papers are RV safe. 

What Makes A Toilet Paper RV Safe? 

In a home, the pipes in a toilet are much larger, and lead to city sewage. Sewer systems are expansive and made to hold a lot of waste. As long as you’re not putting too much paper down the tubes at once, all commercial toilet papers will be safe residentially. 

What makes paper towels not safe for a home toilet is the same thing that makes it so that you can’t clean up a spill with toilet paper. It all comes down to dissolvability. When wet, toilet paper breaks down and disintegrates. This is by design. 

Because they have so much sewer to travel through, toilet tissues that take longer to dissolve aren’t an issue. By the time they reach their destination, even the strongest TP will have broken down. 

The issue? Your RV is not a city sewer system. Comparatively, the pipes leading out of the toilet and into the black tank are much shorter, and much narrower, too. 

What makes a toilet paper RV safe is the ability to dissolve quickly. When it’s able to break down quick enough that it won’t clog up the pipes, you won’t have to worry about clogging. 

Charmin has a lot of variety in place for their toilet paper brand. There’s Ultra Soft, Ultra Strong, Essentials, and more. The thing that will set some Charmin styles apart from others is the ability to dissolve rapidly. 

Charmin Ultra Soft

For toilet paper that is comfortable and RV safe, try Charmin Ultra Soft. The softness it provides is what makes it so easy to break down in an RV toilet. It’s a reliable choice for RV life, giving owners one less thing to worry about on the road. 

While the initial investment for a pack of Ultra Soft might be a bit more, you might find that you use less of it. Because of this, it is actually more economical than cheaper, possibly less-safe options. 

Needing to stock up less often is perfect for RV owners who are always on the move. The only thing worse than running out of toilet paper, is running out of toilet paper in the middle of nowhere. 

Charmin Essentials Strong 

While it might not be as comfy and cushy as Charmin Ultra Soft, Charmin Essentials Strong is a more budget-friendly option. Because it is 1-ply, this thinner toilet paper will dissolve in a flash. That makes it ideal for RV living. 

In fact, Charmin backs up the claims that their products are RV safe. On their website, Charmine stated that their products are thoroughly tested to undergo biodegradation. 

Charmin Ultra Strong 

Charmn Ultra Strong is meant to stand up to tearing. It’s perfectly safe for home septic systems, but not so much for an RV tank. As it is so tough, it won’t break down fast enough in an RV plumbing system to be completely clog-free. 

It’s not recommended to use Charmin Ultra Strong in an RV, as it is not entirely RV safe. 

How To Test If Charmin Toilet Paper Is RV Safe 

If you’re on the fence about if your favorite style of Charmin toilet paper is RV safe, you can always perform the jar test. It’s simple to do, and a surefire way to ensure that your toilet paper will dissolve as needed. 

To Perform The Jar Test On Charmin Toilet Paper 

  1. Fill a mason jar, drinking glass, or clear container halfway with water. If you’re using a drinking glass, make sure you have something you can put on top of it to seal it for the next step. 
  2. Add a few clean pieces of your Charmin toilet paper of choice. 
  3. Seal the top of the container. If you’re using a mason jar or tupperware, use the included lid. For a drinking glass, just your hand will do. Bear in mind that your hand will get wet. 
  4. Give the glass two good shakes. It’s vital here that you only shake it twice, as excessive shaking will cause the toilet paper to dissolve no matter the thickness. Two shakes will be just enough to correctly estimate if your Charmin toilet paper is RV safe. 
  5. Set the container down again and see if the toilet paper looks to be dissolving or not. If you see the sheets are still in considerable chunks, it is not RV safe. 

Charmin Ultra Soft or Essentials Strong 1-ply will pass the jar test, but it’s best to try it yourself to be sure. Remember that all RV tanks and toilets are made differently. What works for some might not work best for others. If you know your RV toilet is particularly finicky, try to only shake the jar once. 


Yes, Charmin toilet paper is safe for RVs — with some footnotes. Ultra Soft and Essentials Strong are the two styles that are definitely safe to use in your RV. Avoid the Ultra Strong variety, however, as its tough, tear-proof nature will make it harder to dissolve. 

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