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How and When to Use Liquid Wrench RV Dry Lubricant

Sometimes the drawers and other moving parts in your RV need a little help. RV’s tend to have man slideouts with metal or other components that gradually have problems coming out smoothly.

To solve the problem, we have products like liquid wrench dry lubricant to give the contact areas more smoothness. 

Liquid wrench RV dry lubricant is a great way to maintain your slideouts, compartments, doors, and windows.

What does liquid wrench do?

Liquid wrench is pretty simple a dry lubricant. Spray liquid wrench on the track for a window, door, or slideout and it will reduce the amount of friction between two metal objects. We would suggest spraying these areas once in a especially, especially if they become squeaky or hard to move.

How do I use liquid wrench?

While the bottle itself has instructions, you should spray the liquid wrench dry lube into the track liberally, and wipe away any excess. You likely won’t have significant excess as the purpose is to have the tracks remain dry and not have fun off.

If you can’t open a drawer, use the spout on liquid wrench to spray in the area of the visible track. Spray a fair bit to add some pressure and send liquid wrench down the entire track.

Is it like WD40?

WD40 is a bit more wet. WD40 was actually developed as a rust remover and isn’t necessarily a lubricant, though it does work to lube metal items.

Is it safe to use in an RV?

It’s actually a product recommended for RV use. Some RVs have a harder time with having windows open effectively – and have many slideouts that age or time or become dry. Liquid wrench is safe to use, though you could consider wearing gloves while spraying it – it’s not necessarily harmful.


Liquid wrench will be effectively in helping your slide outs and other moving parts in your RV function better. The product can be found at most hardware stores.

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