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The Best Low Watt Hair Dryer for camping in an RV

Do you dislike drying your hair with a towel? You probably use a hair dryer at home to make sure that you aren’t dripping water all over the place once you leave the shower. It’s actually a fairly considerate thing to do to avoid having others and yourself step in a puddle of water later.

Hair dryers use some power – consider that they can produce warm speed at 100 miles per hour, and do so quickly. They use more power than you might think – if you dried your hair almost every day, you would spend $25 per year powering a good hair dryer – that’s a lot considering how little time the dryer is actually on.

A low wattage hair dryer makes a great addition to your RV. A lower wattage hair dryer can dry your hair while using less electricity.

Why would I want a low watt hair dryer for my RV?

Your RV’s power system is different from your home. Your RV is typically powered by the RV battery, a generator, shore power, or even solar. This means that while you have multiple, flexible options, each one potentially requires you be in a location where you can buy gas, have access to a good amount of sunlight, or pay for an RV park.

While it’s good to conserve energy at home by keeping lights off and using power less, it’s even more important in your RV because you have to do more work to retain and restore power.

So, getting a low watt hair dryer can help. The little uses of electricity add up, especially considering how much power a typical hair dryer uses in the moments you use it.

Advantages: The Little Things

Have you bought a regular sized hair dryer recently? Most of them don’t come with a pouch or small carrying case for when you are on the road and want to pack up.

Many smaller low watt hair dryers come with travel cases that make them easily fit in your luggage. The cord is then less likely to get tangled with everything else you are bringing with. 

This can be a major convenience for those who like an organized bathroom – and not wanting to have to get your hair dryer separated from other clothes and accessories before use.

Advantages: Lighter weight

We’ll throw this out there: Your home hair dryer probably isn’t that heavy to you unless you spend a long time drying your hair. When you attempt to bring your home hair dryer with, it will feel heavier as you certainly are packing many other things with you and potentially using a suitcase in your RV.

The smaller motor and design in a low watt hair dryer is helpful in this situation. Rather than adding a couple extra pounds to everything you are already carrying, a lighter hair dryer can help.

Advantages: Quieter

A smaller motor means less noise in most cases. Since RVs tend to be smaller, that means not needing to turn the TV up because the hair dryer is on – and maybe even helping others sleep a little longer because the sound isn’t deafening.

Are there any low watt hair dryers you’d suggest?

The Berta is also quiet – which is nice to keep you from waking up your significant other or kids while drying your hair in the bathroom in the morning. 

Berta also has a lower setting of just 450 watts, which make help you conserve electricity. If your hair isn’t that wet, this is a great setting to use – or if you just really need to dry your hair and don’t have much power left.

Any disadvantages to a low watt hair dryer?

As you might expect, low wattage means a slower dry. The counter to this is that using a high watt hair dryer will drain your RV battery, generator, or another power source more quickly especially if you use it every day. 

That’s about all for disadvantages. Some people do want their hair dried faster and might be willing to sacrifice using more energy for the purpose. 

People who do use higher wattage hair dryers on a battery or generator should be prepared to need to plug in the RV battery or refill their generator with fuel slightly more often. 


A low watt hair dryer is a simple change to make in an effort to conserve power in your RV. Every piece of equipment you use in the RV that consumes electricity does add up – so consider other energy saving measures like turning lights off and using less heat – or whatever works for your family. 

Low wait hair dryers also often cheaper since they are made of fewer parts and have smaller motors compared to large salon like hair dryers. We hope you find the one that best fits your needs and keeps your battery and generator from needing you too often.

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