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Magic Chef RV Oven not working: Troubleshooting guide

When you’re hitting the road in your rv, don’t let a broken oven ruin your dinner plans. A built-in oven in your RV may provide the additional convenience of home, however it will make it much harder to enjoy that convenience if your Magic Chef RV oven has encountered an issue.

Magic Chef provides a reliable brand of RV ovens, but like anything in an RV it is not entirely infallible. There are a few different things that can go wrong with it. However that means there are also a few different methods of troubleshooting.

To troubleshoot your Magic Chef RV oven, you should first check the pilot assembly. Second, you can take a look at the pilot flame – if it is not burning as intensely as it should, your oven will not get hot enough. Finally, take a look at the supply lines, as it’s easy for them to get bent during installation. 

Magic Chef RV Oven Troubleshooting

Check The Pilot Assembly 

If you find that your RV oven is not lighting up properly, it could be an issue with your pilot assembly. This series of tubes could easily get clogged, keeping you from properly igniting the oven.

To fix this issue, disconnect the fuel supply. Next, unscrew the nuts around the pilot assembly to remove it. Take care to not lose any pieces, as this could hinder your oven’s performance even after you have cleaned out the pilot assembly.

Use a damp cloth to gently clean the dirt gathered on the assembly line. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the pilot assembly, carefully place it back into the oven. Ensure that you are putting it back in exactly the same manner in which it was situated before you removed it. 

Be sure to replace the screw tightly at this point. You’ll notice erratic behavior if it’s not secure enough.

Attempt to relight your oven and see if you are able to spark a flame. If not, the problem may lie elsewhere.

Check The Pilot Flame 

If your Magic Chef oven is not lighting up when you need it to heat your food, or if the flames are not intense enough to reach the needed temperatures, it is likely that your pilot flame is too small.

The fix for this is to increase the intensity of the pilot flame. To do this, find a screwdriver and loosen the screw behind the temperature adjustment knob.

The purpose of this screw is to regulate the intensity of the pilot flame. It allows you to easily manage the flame intensity for your oven’s pilot. It should not be left too loose, as this can lead to a dangerous carbon monoxide leak.

Unkink The Copper Supply Line 

After checking the pilot flame and the pilot assembly, you may have found a place where your Magic Chef oven is working again. The trouble will arise when you try to use it further down the line and see that the flame has weakened, or completely gone out.

As it turns out, there may be a hidden culprit causing your Magic Chef oven issues. That culprit is a bent or kinked supply line. This is unfortunately common during factory assembly, and especially so with home installations. 

Pull the oven out just enough to assess the supply line and see if any of them have become 

tangled or bent. You may find that a line has been pinched, thus restricting gas flow to the oven’s pilot. Thankfully, these are flexible enough that you can fix them by hand.

Gently manipulate the line back into place before pushing the oven back. 


Some consider Magic Chef RV ovens to be somewhat finicky, however they are sturdy, reliable units once you know how to troubleshoot them. The most common causes for bumps in the road include a clogged pilot assembly, a pilot flame that is too weak, or a kink in the copper supply line.

Taking a close look at your oven and altering a few small components can easily alleviate any trouble your Magic Chef RV oven gives you.

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