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Replacing RV Couch with Recliners – Everything You Need To Know

As a vehicle you can travel and live in, having good seating in your RV is important. You need comfy spots for those moments when you are reading and relaxing or when you have the family gathered while on the road. Replacing an RV couch with recliners can enhance the seating in your room, especially if you have an old, dingy couch.

Removing your couch is relatively easy, too. Taking appliances or furniture out of an RV tends to have similar processes.

Replacing your RV couch with a recliner involves first removing your RV couch. This is generally done with a socket wrench, sockets, some muscles and some preparation. You can then put the recliner in it’s place do a similar process.

Getting started on replacing your RV couch with a recliner

One of the best things you can do to starting moving your RV couch out is to find the manual. The manual can give valuable insights as to how many bolts you need to remove, the size of those bolts, and their locations. You might also learn new functions on your couch that help you move it. 

RV furniture is bolted down to prevent it from moving while on the road, and to ensure it doesn’t fly and become more dangerous during an accident.

Things you’ll need

  • Socket wrench set
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Gloves
  • Another person to help you lift

We also assume that when you say “couch” you mean that the furniture does not feature a fold out bed and only has a cushion with no mattress.

Your couch is likely bolted to the wall and floor. You should start on the side that’s easiest for you to reach.

There’s a good chance that simply removing the couch cushion and anything potentially underneath could reveal the first set of bolts that fasten your couch to the floor.

If you didn’t find the manual to verify bolt sizes, keep trying them from your set until you find the right one. An alternative to a socket wrench is an adjustable wrench. A socket wrench may have the added advantage of generally being longer, making it easier to reach without adjustment.

Loosen the bolts on the bottom by turning left until they can be manually removed. The bottom of the couch likely has several bolts, including one for a skirt that prevents stuff from sliding under. Removing bolts from the bottom may also help you move the couch off the wall enough to make the back bolts easier to access.

The rear of your couch might be in front of an access panel. These panels are removable from the outside or inside and are meant to help you access furniture or appliances that are tightly bolted to the wall.

If you have an access panel, go outside and use it! If not, reach behind the couch to find the bolts in order to start with your ratchet or wrench and start removing them.

Depending on your next plans for the couch, you’ll also want to save your bolts. Putting the couch back together at some point will be difficult without them!

What’s next for moving my couch out of the RV?

Now that the couch is loose from the wall and moveable, check for a couple things.

  • Are the legs or any platform pieces removable? If so, remove them to make the couch a bit smaller.
  • Does the couch have ‘arms’ or anything removable on the sides?
  • Does the couch back fold down at all to compact the couch? You might see a lever on the sides or next to the arms on the inside.

You’ll want a different set of items to safely and easily move the couch out of our RV

  • Gloves to protect your hands from dropping the couch or getting it pinned badly on something
  • Hard shoes in case you drop the couch
  • Another person to help lift

You could also get a furniture dolly or pads that attach to the bottom of your couch that allow it to slide, but usually distance isn’t the issue with an RV – it’s the tight corners and stairs.

The couch will likely need to be lifted up an pivoted in order to find it’s way through the RV door. Another option that is less likely is having an openable rear hatch on the RV, which amounts to a much larger door.

The best suggestion we have for moving an RV couch is general lifting advice: Lift with your legs. Take it slow. Communicate movements. Turn and pivot the couch as necessary.

Getting a recliner into your RV

Thankfully recliners tend to be smaller and a bit more narrow than a couch. Find a recliner that can be bolted down just to make it easier to do so.

You’ll want similar tools with opposite purposes, like a socket driver instead of a socket wrench.

You could fasten the back of the chair in first, then the bottom. The back might be easiest with access panels. Ensure the bolts are in tight. 

Take a seat! Does it move at all? You might also want to try a low speed drive to ensure it stays still while actually moving.

Having multiple recliners can also help create just a little bit of space between others.


Replacing furniture can be fun, especially with the end result. If your old couch isn’t very comfy anymore or you need the space, a recliner can be a good backup. You’ll want to set aside some time, a few tools, and a good lifter to help you get the couch out easily. 

One of the biggest things you can do for safety is wear shoes and gloves while moving a large, heavy object. Twisting or dropping can mean bad news for your hands, feet, and the floor of your RV, as well as for the furniture itself. 

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