RV Brands with a Fiberglass Roof

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To some, it can seem like finding a new RV manufacturer that includes a fiberglass roof is like finding a needle in a haystack. Some consider them to be a dying breed. While their numbers are dwindling, there are still reliable brands that are producing RVs with fiberglass roofs.

In fact, some brands produce more than one model of their RVs that include this type of roofing. That means you will have the pick of the litter when you are ready to purchase your new vehicle.

Some brands of RVs that include fiberglass roofs include the illustrious Winnebego, as well as Forest River and its subsidiary Sunseeker. Happier Camper and Venture RV will have lighter fare, 

RV Brands With Fiberglass Roofs


Winnebago is one of the most recognizable brands in RVs today. They produce vehicles in a variety of sizes and price ranges, including those with fiberglass roofs. They are known for their excellence in product manufacturing. They have been around since 1959 — that’s 62 years of delivering a well-known, well regarded product.

One of their models, the Minnie, has a fiberglass roof at the top of its 9’3” height. 

This is the only RV trailer in the Winnebago line of products that can proudly say that it has a fiberglass roof. This is a pity, because this choice of roofing provides the smaller travel trailer with superior durability. It is wonderfully resistant to the elements, and the unique shape allows for aerodynamics and ease of towing.

While it is a smaller RV, it includes a dinette set, a bedroom with bunk beds, and a bathroom with a wet bath setup. It truly makes the most of the small space given.

Venture RV 

A subset of KZ industries, Venture RV has been around since 1972. KZ industries added Venture RV to their lineup not too long ago, where they make lightweight, easy-to-tow travel trailers.

Two of Venture RVs models include fiberglass roofs. These two models are the Sonic, and the Sonic Lite.

Venture Sonic

The sturdy fiberglass roof of the Venture Sonic is robust. However, it is not so bulky that it will drag down the overall dry weight of the trailer. With a hitch weight of 330 lbs, RV enthusiasts will enjoy the strength and aesthetics of a fiberglass roof. However, they will still be able to stay in the range of being towed by a full size SUV, or a midsize SUV with a strong enough tow package.

The Venture Sonic comes in a wide range of floor plans, with seven unique plans altogether. The usual floor plan will include a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a bed. That bed can be substituted for a Murphy sofa. This allows for even more floor space during the day. 

The Venture Sonic’s dry weight is 3530 lbs, and it is 19 feet and 2 inches long. It boasts a 38 gallon fresh water capacity and an interior height of 6’9”. 

Venture Sonic Lite

The Venture Sonic Lite is, as the name suggests, a smaller version of the Venture Sonic. Small size aside, it still has the sought after fiberglass roof.. This petite model actually includes a 36 inch tub in most of its floor plans — something often coveted by RV shoppers.

While this RV was designed to be ultra lightweight, it does not skimp on durability. The fiberglass roof that you will find on the Venture Sonic Lite will have a powerful resistance to wear and tear.

The dry weight of the Venture Sonic Lite is 2,480 lb, and it is 12 ft 2 in long. Just like the Venture sonic, the light variety has a 38 gallon fresh water capacity. At such a petite size, carrying a hitch weight of just over 270 lb, it would be no problem for a midsize SUV to tow the Sonic Lite right along. Even a full-sized sedan, provided that it is powerful enough in the towing department, could possibly truck along this smaller camper.

Happier Camper 

As implied by the jovial name, Happier Camper makes strong, comfortable, stylish RVs. Their H1 travel trailer model in particular has a fiberglass roof. In fact, this retro style trailer is made entirely of fiberglass.

This old school style RV is known to be comfortable, while at the same time incredibly utilitarian. It includes a sizable rear hatch and an extra wide side door. This is great news for those who are shopping for extra accessibility in their RVs.

It has a few other bells and whistles, such as a porch light, a rooftop fan, and a double haul insulated fiberglass shell. According to the manufacturer, the hc1 travel trailer can sleep five people.

The dry weight of this happier camper trailer is $1,100 lb. It is 13 ft long, and has an interior height of 6 ft 1. If you include the add-on package, the weight becomes 1200 to 1800 lb. There is an optional 5 gallon water tank as well.

Forest River 

Possibly the most well known for creating fiberglass roofs, Forest River is definitely one to consider if you prefer the fiberglass experience. This company has been around for 23 years, and has seven subsidiaries. In the RV and travel trailer world, they are very well known and renowned.


There are numerous Forest River RVs that include fiberglass on their roofing. One of note is the Forest River R.Pod. It is considered an ultra light rv, and includes 12 different floor plans. Every RV shopper will be able to find a floor plan that they enjoy with this model.

The main floor plan features a luxurious queen size bed that rests up at the head of the trailer. There’s also a cozy dinette set, and plenty of overhead storage. Nestled between the bedroom and the dinette set are a kitchen and a bathroom. That kitchen is well stocked; it has a refrigerator, a double stove, and a circular sink. 

The bathroom in the Forest River R.Pod is a wet bath. This means that the shower, toilet, and sink are all combined into one space.

The R.Pod has a dry weight of 2342 lb, and a fresh water capacity of 36 gallons. It is 18 ft 4 in long.

2251S LE

Another bold offering from Forest River is the 2251S LE. This bold, commanding class c RV is complete with a robust, durable fiberglass roof. The interior has sound deadening ceiling panels, meaning that you won’t be bothered by excessive road noise while you’re on an adventure.

The fiberglass roofing system is perfect for getting rid of rainwater quickly, and prevents marks from forming on the rooftop. This is a reason a lot of RV owners prefer fiberglass roofs, as rubber roofs tend to stain.

This heavy duty RV has a 7,500 lb towing capacity. That means you can flat toe a car, or a boat, behind it when you are ready to hit the road. That tow capacity is supported by a 6.8 liter 10 cylinder engine, capable of moving the girth of this massive rv.


Another Forest River offering that includes a fiberglass roofs iclude what it’s offers under the Sunseeker brand. Most of their lineup consists of Class C motorhomes. These RVs are infused with fiberglass construction.

A few key players within this lineup that include fiberglass roofing include the Sunseeker Classic, LE, MBS, and TS. Each one has its own unique multi-layered laminated fiberglass roof. All of these have received a Green Certification by the TRA as well.


The Forest River sunseeker TS2380 features a multi-layered fiberglass roof. This roof is resistant to weather, leaks, and cracks. While this model does not include a slide-out section, that further reduces the risk of leaks. This is a salient concern present in other models.

This model features Ford Transit van chassis, and is a compact class C RV with a fiberglass roof. 

The compact, yet effective floor plan features a split bathroom and full kitchen at midship. There is a master bedroom in the rear, with a comfortable queen size bed. For added storage, there is a dual wardrobe system.

Do Fiberglass Roofs Make RVs Heavy? 

Part of the reason modern RV manufacturers have begun straying away from the trend of fiberglass roofing is because it tends to add weight to the final product. In an era where people are looking for more lightweight towing options, fiberglass and the structural components that bind it to the rest of the RV will increase the weight.

There is still hope for fans of RVs with fiberglass roofs. Updated, modern advances in RV manufacturing have made it easier than ever before to keep the weight of fiberglass down. Some of the best RV manufacturers in the business have harnessed these new techniques to keep the weight of their vehicles down while still providing a durable fiberglass topper.

Do Fiberglass Roofs Break Down Fast? 

While fiberglass is an incredibly durable option for creating the roof of an RV, no material is infallible. Fiberglass RV roofs have the potential to crack over time. If you store the RV outside, it will be exposed to every element in all four seasons. That means there are plenty of opportunities for damages to incur.

Minor damages that fiberglass roofing may sustain can be easily repaired with inexpensive materials. Things like Flex Seal, or fiberglass repair kits that you can find in some hardware or car repair stores, will easily do the job. However, a severe crack should be seen to by a professional.


There are plenty of heavy duty RVs that feature fiberglass roofs. Or, if you are looking for a smaller, towable camper, you will still be able to find the durability of fiberglass within these constructions as well.

The Sunseekee lineup of class C motorhomes will provide a wide range of RVs with fiberglass roofs. Happier Camper or Venture Sonic will provide you with a tinier, more compact ride, while still having the durable roofing material of your choice.

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