RV Interior Lights Not Working? Here’s What To Do

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Before you head out on a trip with your RV, you must take the time to check on the electronics and the water supply. Taking time to do this before you leave will save you a lot of trouble on your trip. It’s common to run into issues such as interior lights not working.

There are a few reasons why your RV interior lights might not be working. This includes burnt out bulbs, damaged wires, issues with switches, and issues with power supply. We’ll explore how to fix each one of these issues below.

If you are having issues with the interior lights in your RV, check each of the following and then follow the steps outlined below to troubleshoot each one.

Fixing Interior Lights

There are a few reasons why your interior lights of your RV might not be working. These include damaged wires, issues with switches, and issues with power supply. Let’s take a closer look at each one of these below.

Burnt Out Bulbs

The first, and easiest thing to check, is the bulbs. If most of the lights are working, check the bulbs in the ones that are not. If they are burnt out, replace them with new ones. If they come on, then you’ve fixed your issue. If not, then you’ll want to move on to check for damaged wires within the socket itself.

Damaged Wires

If most of the lights of your RV are working properly, but a few of them are not, it could be due to damaged wires. At this point, you can be sure that it’s not the power supply that is the problem. The power supply is obviously doing it’s job.

If you suspect that it’s broken wires that are causing the issue, you need to remove each bulb and check the output from the wires connected to it. You’ll need a simple voltage tester or multimeter to get a reading on the voltage output from the terminal. If you’re not getting a reading, the wires will need to be replaced.

Check Switches

Another common reason for interior lights in your RV not working is defective switches. Depending on the type of lights installed in your RV, you need to make sure the switches are working properly.

If your interior light has buttons installed in the light frame, you’ll need to remove the cover and inspect the button. After some time, dirt begins to gather behind the button. Therefore, you need to take the time to clean it properly and check the bulb under the cover. If everything looks good, simply put the light cover back and that should fix the issue.

On the other hand, if you’re using other types of interior lights, make sure to inspect the connection points behind the switch. If you notice corrosion, you’ll need to use a metal brush to clean the connections. Then, connect the power supply. This should make the lights work once again.

Check Power Supply

If you’ve checked the bulbs, wires, and switches and have not gotten results, chances are the power supply is the issue. This will be especially obvious if you’re having issues with all of your interior lights.

This can be confirmed by connecting your RV to shore power. If the interior lights work, you need to have your batteries checked.

In addition to the battery connection, you need to inspect the breaker connections and the fuse box. Be sure to replace any fuses that are blown and make sure that all your breakers are flipped on before attempting to turn on your lights. If everything looks like it should, you may need to replace your RV batteries.

Of course, the reason this is the last thing on the list is because replacing the battery is the most expensive option. You’ll want to rule out the other options first- but if you can’t resolve the issue of interior lights not working through those methods, replacing your batteries is your final option.


Before you head out in your RV for an excursion, you need to take the time to inspect it and make sure that everything is working properly, including your interior lights. If there are some issues, these tips should help you resolve the issue. Hopefully, replacing the bulbs will fix the issue- if not, you may end up having to escalate to having your RV batteries be replaced. 

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