What’s the Best Used Diesel Pusher RV to Buy?

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Diesel pushers are hot in the market that is motorhomes, with good reason. They are reliable, powerful, and much more economically friendly when it comes to fuel. 

Many RV customers, whether first time or experienced owners, are now diving into the world of diesel pushers and opting for this new, proven machine rather than regular gas motorhomes. If you find yourself in the market for a new diesel motorhome and want to get the most bang for your buck, buying used is most likely the way to go.

The best used diesel pusher to buy is typically one manufactured by Newmar, Tiffin, or Winnebago. These makers are known for quality vehicles that last for extended periods of time. Aspects of specific models such as size, age and other factors can contribute to what makes a specific used diesel pusher the best one on the market.

Diesel Pushers Versus Regular Gas RVs

Diesel pushers have a lot to offer in comparison to regular gas RVs. While gas motorhomes have been around longer, and gas is typically cheaper than diesel fuel, reasons in favor of diesel motorhomes are still viewed to outweigh these by many consumers.

Diesel engines typically last longer than those fueled by gasoline, both between maintenance trips and in their total lifespan. Because of this, resale is typically higher when you choose to sell or upgrade your diesel vehicle.

While this is a benefit for sellers, it can be a factor of consideration for a lot of buyers when choosing between diesel and gas motorhomes. Though diesel may be more money up front when purchasing, the savings that come later are well worth it.

The fuel economy of a diesel pusher is one of the main reasons for their success. With diesel pushers, you get much better mileage per gallon, as well as a longer life out of the engine. This will provide you savings in both gas and having to purchase a new vehicle farther in the future.

In addition, diesel pushers are able to produce more horsepower, providing a better towing experience for heavier or larger loads. They run with lower RPMs, helping to extend the life of your engine. 

Finally, the location of the motor, which is in the back rather than the front, literally pushes the motorhome rather than pulling it from the front. By providing power directly to the back wheels, you get a more efficient movement of power and fuel. 

Best Brands Of Diesel Pushers To Buy Used And Why

Though there are many makers to choose from, these three seem to stand out the best when it comes to buying used. They are harty, efficient and sleek manufacturers, creating high quality vehicles that last for years.


Newmar is a highly reputable manufacturer of diesel motorhomes of various types, including both Class A and Class C. They create functionable, elegant RVs without compromising quality and reliability. 

These motorhomes last for years, meaning you won’t have to upgrade in a few years after purchasing if you don’t want to. Buying a Newmar diesel pusher is a great way to ensure you have a motorhome you can keep for many, many years.

With their prices being around market norm, you won’t be spending an extra small fortune simply for the name. Newmar is able to get the most out of any amount of room, carefully planning specifications so that their motorhomes flow comfortably from space to space.


This creator is known for high quality vehicles from the materials they use for the floors and cabinets, to the reliable and long lasting motors they use, as well as the extra amenities they add to their motorhomes.

Tiffin goes the extra mile to truly make your motorhome feel like a home. Some of their models feature fireplaces, room for laundry machines, and double bathrooms. No detail is overlooked in the making of their RVs.

Being within typical pricing for coaches, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank for a little slice of luxury. Tiffin is a reliable, affordable maker that you can easily find used vehicles from.


One of the most reputable manufacturers in the RV industry is Winnebago, with years of creating quality vehicles and adapting to the diesel pusher market when it came to be. Winnebago creates reliable, comfortable vehicles 

These RVs last a number of years with little problems, making them an ideal purchase when buying used. Given their experience in the industry, Winnebago has found ways to create some of the best RVs money can buy.

Winnebago is slightly below market price of other coaches, making them a  great option when you are trying to get the most for your money without breaking the bank. These are a wide variety of used Winnebago diesel pushers on the market, so you won’t have to choose from slim pickings.

Other Factors To Consider 

When looking for a used diesel pusher, brand is not the only important thing to take into consideration. Finding the right coach for your needs is essential to having a vehicle that will keep you satisfied for years to come.

  • Size

Do you have a large family with many kids? Or have they all left the nest, leaving you and your significant other to travel freely as you please? These are important things to consider when buying a motorhome. 

Having enough room for everyone is important, but having too much room can become a hassle. If you plan on storing it in your driveway rather than in a facility, this amount of space will be important when considering the length you want for your motorhome.

  • Mileage

Mileage is very important when it comes to choosing a diesel pusher. Diesel engines typically run for up to 300,000 miles within its lifetime. Buying one with low miles will help ensure you can keep it for as long as possible. 

If the RV you purchase is pushing higher numbers regarding mileage, make sure it is reflected by a lower purchase price.

  • Age

This is an important factor to consider when purchasing any used vehicle, whether it is a motorhome or not. While mileage in some older motorhomes may still be low, age can cause wear and tear on the interior and exterior of them. 

In addition, newer motorhomes will have new features and amenities that older ones may not offer. This may not be important for some buyers, but if laundry hookups or other new additions are at the top of your lists of must haves, older models may not be the best to consider.

Age will also impact price. If you are looking for the most budget friendly motorhome you can find and do not mind sacrificing some of the newer perks, buying a low mileage, older RV may be a way to go about saving some extra cash.

  • Layout

While size is important when it comes to RVs, so is layout. Some RVs come with bunk beds, two bathrooms, and room for up to ten people, making them ideal for larger groups and families.

While this is great for some, it may not be great for others who would prefer that space to be used by a spacious kitchen and comfortable couch if they do not travel with an abundance of people straying with them.

There are a wide variety of specific layouts on the market from all manufacturers. Make sure you find the layout that works best for you and your needs.

  • Price

Motorhomes can range greatly in price, with diesel pushers typically being more expensive than regular gas RVs. Even used, they can still vary widely in price based on a number of factors. 

There are options out there for the most bang for your buck or for the most luxurious that money can buy. Be sure you know your budget when going into hunting for the best fit and eventually purchasing.

These are all very important factors to consider while on the hunt for your hunt for the perfect used diesel pusher. 

Other factors to consider include rust. If there is rust on the axel, chassey or other area, it is best to steer clear of that vehicle. This is a form of wear and tear that will cause issues for you as an owner and value depreciation quickly.

In Conclusion

There are many, many aspects to consider when trying to find the best used diesel pusher to buy. The perfect fit for another buyer may not be the perfect fit for you, so be sure to know what you are looking for when you start your search.

Manufacturer is a great guide to finding the most reliable motorhome. Newmar, Tiffin, and Winnebago are all known and respected within the industry and are great options to look for.

Other brands are also valid prospects, though it is important to research any issues they may have, especially as their vehicles get older and more used. Comparing the pros and cons of each company can help you identify the ones that meet your needs.

Aside from specific brands, other factors can determine what the best diesel pusher for you is. Size, mileage, age, layout, wear and tear,price, and more are important when it comes to finding the ideal motorhome for you. 

No matter what used diesel pusher you end up bringing home with you, make sure it is a good fit for you for years to come. This is an exciting, fun part of your life that you will always treasure!

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